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DOMESTIC: 5 record deal package 10 options $20

Image of DOMESTIC: 5 record deal package 10 options $20

$20.00 - On Sale

Here's the deal. I have a lot of records and edging in on 50 releases means i want some of these gone. In the pull down menu you can pick what four releases you would like and then you can have them. This is FOR DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY. If you are international (outside of the US), email me but it will not be as cool with the shipping. From the pull-down menu pick what releases you would like and then purchase. Will be sent media mail by yours truly. Pick only 5, if you pick more ill email you a picture of my middle finger. Also, the ones that say AND below, count as one but contain two items. When you order, place the items you want in the message box.
Drowning with Our Anchors/Maladie Split 10"
Robotosaurus "Manhater" 10"
Moxiebeat S/T Picturedisc LP
Earth Control LP AND Trainwreck "If there is Light it will find you" LP
Lost Lands (BOTH 7"s)
Holy "Seclusion 2014" LP (screenprinted on one side)
Griever "Our Love is Different" LP
Everybody Row "The Sea Inside" 7" AND Graf Orlock "Trailer" 7"
Ghostlimb "Bearing & Distance" CD


  • 5 record pack - 95% in stock