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by Ghostlimb and Ghostlimb/Fischer

$10.00 / On Sale

Finally, this thing is coming into being. This is the third LP from Ghostlimb and probably the most defined at what we are actually trying to get across/done. Lots of thrashing, melody, and pissed. This has 12 songs and an included digital download card. The jacket is die-cut (see image), with a printed innersleeve, and an embossed back, all on nice 350 gsm cardstock.

Preorders go up March 19th (saturday) at 8pm to account for other people not on the west coast to get this. World: time zones are your problem. Proper release April 5th.

This first press is 700 lps, 600 black, and 100 of the preorder color, silver. Please check out.

1. Construction
2. Concrete
3. Extreme Duress
4. Biota
5. Reduction
6. Asphalt
7. Unending Ache
8. Incomplete Works
9. Traverse
10. Substructure
11. Eight
12. Plastic Surgery